About Veronica


My coaching journey began 10 years ago, when I first attended a free Coaching seminar in London. I had just broken up with a boyfriend and all I wanted was to distract myself instead of spending the weekend wallowing in self pity.

I went along to the two day event thinking it would give me a good excuse to shower and leave the house (neither of which I had done for a few days!). So, with no expectations or real interest in the topic, I made my way into the City eager to just feel human again.

Little did I know that on that day I would discover a whole new love. The love for coaching.

Since that day and over the last 10 years I have gone on to train as an NLP Practitioner and study Personal Performance Coaching, completed a BSc Degree in Psychology, worked as a Mentor and Coached people from all walks of life on a myriad of topics.

In January 2016 I decided to leave England to pursue one of my biggest dreams - Travel the world. I spent time in New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia where I experienced some of the most wild and wonderful things which I shared with others through a Travel Blog.

Throughout my travels I collected stories of other solo female travellers and frequently found myself coaching women from all over the world on how they too could make their travel dreams a reality.

I now help Women who want to travel make their dreams come true. I know how empowering and fulfilling it can be to go out into the world as a solo female traveller and be able to say ‘I was there, I did it, I made it happen’.

If you aspire to see more of the world but feel stuck, schedule a call with me and lets find out how to turn your travel dreams into reality.

Speak soon