Fears before Flying

Less than a month to departure and the niggling fears are starting to slither their way in. Instead of just ignoring them, I thought it would be interesting and helpful to write them down and review them at a later date (once potentially having faced a few). 

Fears, as irrational and unfunded as they may be, often stop us from even trying to accomplish something we want. It is important to develop the habit of being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. To learn to recognise and acknowledge our fears without allowing them to dictate our actions. 

Below are my personal fears. Some are fairly standard, some even reasonable. Others are completely irrational and almost comical. Regardless, they have all at one point or another made me question whether I should go travelling. Instead encouraging the idea of remaining ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’ at home. Thankfully, I have come to realise that fear exists within us, no matter who we are or where we are. It can take any shape or form and it can be controlled only by ourselves. Therefore, if I am going to face my fears I would rather do so on a tropical beach than sitting behind a desk. With or without fears - I am going travelling. 

So, in no particular order here are the little buggers: 

  1. Running out of money
  2. Feeling lonely
  3. Not making any friends
  4. Missing friends and family 
  5. Missing out on events happening at home i.e. birthdays, special dates etc. 
  6. People from home ‘moving on’ without me, resulting in me no longer fitting in on my return
  7. Ending up in hospital without my family to support me
  8. Not being able to come back home
  9. Not wanting to come back home 
  10. Meeting someone special and having to choose between life in two different continents
  11. Catching a disease i.e. Malaria
  12. Witnessing things you can’t change and can’t forget i.e. poverty 
  13. Getting the ‘Travel Bug’ and subsequently always feeling dissatisfied with a settled life back home
  14. Being eaten by a shark 
  15. Giant Spiders 
  16. Poisonous snakes 
  17. Cockroaches
  18. Getting Diarrhea on a bus (ha ha ha)  
  19. Having my belongings stolen
  20. Losing my bags
  21. Being robbed
  22. Being assaulted
  23. Being kidnapped (my dad is no Liam Neeson)  
  24. Something happening to my family or friends whilst I am away and not being able to come back straight away
  25. My plane crashing or disappearing into thin air 
  26. Bed bugs - eweeeeee
  27. Getting arrested for some dodgy crime I haven’t committed (I blame the film Brokedown Palace for that one) 
  28. Struggling to find a job on my return because of the gap in my CV
  29. Coming back and having to start from scratch i.e. no house, no job, potentially no money. 

Aside from sounding like a major wimp, I hope that the above revelations will help you realise that whatever fears you have/have had/will have about travelling - the likelihood is someone else has had them too. Maybe yours are different to mine and mine different to someone else’s, but we are all afraid of something and there is no shame in admitting that. The real shame would be, letting those fears stand in the way of our happiness. 

If you are facing the same dilemma, make a list and share it with us! Or if you prefer just keep it to yourself. Either way, I found the exercise of writing them down helpful in gaining perspective as well as it providing me with a sense of relief….and a few laughs.  

Let’s see what happens once I have actually left the country and started roaming around into the unknown. 

Veronica x