During my trip to Bali, I had the pleasure to work with a very talented artist and award winning costume designer named Inggi of Kendran Creative. 

Inggi and I agreed to spend the day together for a photoshoot where he would get to showcase some of his work and I would get to play dress up in the beautifully adorned Balinese garments that he designs and handcrafts (Who would refuse a day playing dress up!). 

My day started off by being dropped at Inggi's house where he welcomed me with open arms. Inggi is currently concentrating on studying, but he continues to compete in fashion shows and is regularly being recognised for his incredible talent and passion. 

After a couple of hours spent taking care of the hair and makeup (a LOT of layers of makeup and hairspray were used to make the Balinese in me come to life!) we walked to a nearby location in the middle of a tropical forest which provided us with a luscious green backdrop. 

There were three photographers at the shoot, none of whom spoke english, fortunately Inggi was able to mediate and guide me into the typical Balinese Poses for the photographers. 

The pictures are meant to represent a Balinese woman going to a temple to place an offering. It took the photographers  a while to get me to look less like a stiff tree trunk and more like an elegant damsel...needless to say I won't be pursuing a modelling career in this lifetime, however, the pictures turned out beautiful and I am so happy to been able to treasure this unique experience. 

This photoshoot happened almost by chance, but it got me thinking that I would LOVE to have pictures all over the world, which not only immortalise the physical environment but also capture the typical local fashion, make up and customs.

My number one location to do this in next would be Japan! How cool would it be to be a Geisha for a day?  What do you girls think, would you like to do a similar photoshoot? If so, which country would you pick? 

V x