On the way to Tekapo you are spoilt with stunning views of rivers, mountains and lakes, one of which is the magnificent Lake Pukaki. The water of this lake is so blue, that many may question what kind of Instagram filters have been layered on top of the original photo - the answer is none, I assure you my dear friends the lake really is THAT colour!

When we arrived in Tekapo we desperately needed WIFI to do some work and stumbled upon a great little cafe (which I now cannot find online! Sorry). Here we had some food and drinks and were able to charge our laptops and use the free WIFI (A bit cheeky especially considering we stayed for a few hours, but sometimes you have no choice and we did consume throughout our stay!) 

After that we found a great campsite just on the outskirts of the town, it wasn’t free but it was the option that suited our travel plans the most and at a cost of $5 per person per night it was pretty inexpensive. 

The campsite had great views of a lake which housed ducks and black swans, there were also toilets and potable water available. 

The next morning, before heading towards Christchurch, we decided to go to Astro-Cafe. Located on Mount John, the cafe which is next to the observatory has one the best locations in the world. You can opt to do a night, day or photography tour through a company called Earth & Sky at the observatory or you can just pay a $5 entry fee to just drive up to the observatory and soak in the views as you sip on a coffee at the cafe. 

The views from this place where unbelievable, the pictures don’t even do it justice….I would definitely recommend paying the observatory a visit, the views were undoubtedly worth the $5 fee. 


Our stay in Tekapo was brief but nice, there are other things to do in Tekapo for example you could choose to have a spa day, ice-skate or have fun on the waterslides, which are all activities offered at the Tekapo Springs, I haven't been myself but I have heard good things.

The best part of Tekapo (and to be honest most of New Zealand) comes for free and those are the stunning out of this world views, so make sure you take those in! 

Next and last stop on our New Zealand road trip is Christchurch! 

V x