Kiwi Experience Day 16 - Pancake Rocks & Lake Mahinapua

The next day, on our way to Lake Mahinapua or as most of us called it 'Mahina poo poo' we made two more stops. The first one was a walk in Cape Foulwind (near Westport) whilst we waited for the paddle borders to finish their lesson. 

Initially no one was keen to part-take, feeling groggy and tired from the constant moving around (poor us constantly exploring the world hey!) but once we got going the walk was a nice start to the day, the sun was shining and the views were stunning as usual.

Once we were rejoined by the Paddle Boarders it was time to proceed to our next stop of the day:

Punakaiki Pancake Rocks & Blowholes

The rocks are made up of layers of limestone and mudstone which have corroded over time into interesting ridges and shapes. Because of the cavities and fissures between the rocks, if the big waves hit the stone with enough power the water erupts from the "blowholes" at the top, making the rocks look like little geysers or aquatic volcanoes.  

Lake Mahinapua

Arriving in Lake Hahinapua was...interesting. Mainly because our stop was a Pub/Hostel in the middle of nowhere.

Neighbors? What neighbors

Neighbors? What neighbors

On the way there,  we were told that there were no cooking facilities at the hostel, therefore we would all eat a meal together cooked by the Hostel's staff. Dinner would then be followed by a Fancy Dress Party, the theme was 'I wouldn't like to be' and there were prices to be won for the top three costumes.

We had the chance to buy supplies at a nearby village earlier that afternoon so most of us spent the bus ride trying to figure out what we would dress up as. I tried to force my brain to think creatively, but I came up with nothing so I panic purchased blue paint and hairspray and decided to go as an Alien - which was a total lie because I would love to be an Alien...

I ended up looking more like a bad Avatar and less like E.T. but it was fun to dress up nonetheless!

My favorite thing I did at the this stop, was watching a gorgeous sunset on the nearby beach with the rest of the group

Tomorrow we finally get to Franz Josef, the anticipation is killing me!

V x