Kiwi Experience - Day 26 - Lake Tekapo

This morning we left Queenstown on the bus at 9am. The drive to Tekapo wasn't too bad with a few stops to get food and take pictures along the way.

Tekapo is a tiny place with not much to do. It has a pretty stunning Lake with the most naturally turquoise waters I have ever seen. The activity I was looking forward to at this stop was the Stargazing ($90) but unfortunately the weather was not on our side and the visibility wasn't very good, resulting in the activity being cancelled - probably for the best because I am starting to reach the end of my budget for New Zealand and I still have 6 days to go. 

Once arrived at the hostel the whole Bus was pretty conked out, some people opted for an afternoon nap, others for a film or just lounged around. The dynamics in the group have definitely changed and the excitement, curiosity and energy which we all displayed at the beginning of the Kiwi Experience tour seem to have dissipated and replaced by fatigue,  and dare I say it apathy. I think Queenstown broke us all in more ways than one. Most people's budgets have been blown out of the water and it feels like we have got to the stage where we are all ready to stop in a place for more than just a couple of days and eat something other than 2 minute noodles.

It rained for the majority of the duration of our stay, but between one downpour and another I managed to go for a walk and take a few pictures of the Lake.

This stop was pretty uneventful, which is a shame because the landscape and especially the Lake are once again breathtaking. It also sucks that we didn't get to go stargazing, I love stars so I was really looking forwards to it, but oh well, you win some you lose some!

Next stop is Christchurch, known for it's frequent earthquakes, fingers crossed the ground doesn't decide to shake whilst i am there....I wil try my best not to jump around too much, that doesn't usually help!

V x