Kiwi Experience - Day 29 to 35 - Wellington - Taupo - Auckland - Goodbye New Zealand

Kaikoura was the last ‘new’ destination on the Kiwi Experience. The last leg of the trip involved driving back to Auckland, with overnight stops in Wellington and Taupo. This last portion was pretty uneventful, everyone was tiered, low on money and ready for a new kind of adventure. The length of stay at the stops also didn’t allow us much time to do anything other than rest - so rest is what we did…as well as eating $5 Dominos (winning). My last couple of days in Auckland were then spent re-organising, repacking and meeting up with two of my favourite fellow Kiwi Ex friends Lauren and Ellie <3.

Being back in Auckland where it all started and getting off the Big Green Bus for the last time, left me feeling bitter sweet. The last 5 weeks brought me some of the best experiences of my life and as my time in New Zealand comes to an end, the realisation that I ACTUALLY made it happen is elating. Just over a month ago, I was home going through the motions of mundane life, inpatiantly awaiting my long overdue ‘Great Escape’. I was working, socialising, dreaming, planning, doubting, hoping, fearing, questioning….and now, a mere 5 weeks later, I am able to look back with the confidence of someone who was scared of something, but did it anyway. 

New Zealand exceeded my expectations, it is a beautiful country gifted with a myriad of environmental masterpieces, culture and great hospitality. The prospect of getting on a plane headed to a new destination is a little daunting but always exhilarating. I realise that no matter how much you travel, how much you plan and organise, the feeling never changes - it is a hybrid of emotions, fear and uncertainty intertwined with the thrill of discovery.

So it is with a little apprehension and a lot of anticipation that I head to the next stop on my world conquering quest - AUSTRALIA! 

V x