Arrival in Australia - Cairns


I arrived in Australia and everything along the way went as smoothly as I had hoped. My bag arrived safely (I always get the 'what if my bag had been lost' anxiety at the luggage claim), my flight was on time and I was asked no questions at the border upon entering Australia.

I had previously read that if you are entering the country on a working holiday Visa* you are required to provide proof that you have sufficient funds in your bank account to support yourself until you find a job. There is no set amount, however, the concensus is that $5000 is deemed as sufficient. To my surprise, I was not asked any questions at all, they simply checked my passport and advised me to have a 'Gudday'.   

As soon as I got off the plain in Cairns I got a good feeling about Australia, it almost took me by surprise because out of the three main stops I aim to do (NZ,OZ, SEA) Australia is the one I was looking forwards to the least. As I collected my luggage and wandered around the Airport trying to figure out how to get to my hostel, a little old man approached me. He was an airport volunteer and kindly offered to call my hostel and arrange for the free shuttle bus to pick me up. 

A 15 minute car ride later, spent talking to a blonde, blue eyed german hunk I arrived at my hostel - Njoy Travellers Resort. A little piece of tropical paradise that would serve as my home for the next week. Having moved around constantly for the last 5 weeks I was really looking forwards to being in one place for more than a few days, and this seemed like the perfect hostel to do that in. Not too close to the party scene but only a 10 minute walk away from the high street, relaxed atmosphere, lots of free perks (free Wifi, free airport Shuttle, free tea & coffee, free storage room, swimming pool and more) and really friendly staff. 

My first few days were spent relaxing, making the most out of the free wifi by watching a ridiculous amount of TV series and exploring the city. I will introduce you to what Cairns has to offer in my next post

V x 


* Important to note that the Working Holiday Visa is not a physical Visa added to your passport i.e. a US Visa. It is added to your records and electronically checked at the Airport.