Kiwi Experience - Milford Sound

This was a long day. We left on the coach really early and swapped over to the Big Green Bus in a place called Garston (there is a place with the same name near my hometown in Hertfordshire!). We then drove for 3 Billion Years to the Fjordland National Park which is where Milford Sound is located. I have to admit as long as the drive was, the views are spectacular especially once you have entered the National Park. The entry into the park is impressive in itself. The road leads you into a long, dark tunnel which acts as a visual cleanser in preparation for the sights that welcome you out of the darkness. Majestic mountains covered by hundreds of waterfalls enfold you in an embrace of natural wonder. Along the way we stopped at a couple of roadside locations to take pictures and eventually got to the Ferry Terminal to board the Ferry.

The Ferry ride lasted approximately an hour and a half. The weather was wet, grey and misty which gave the Fjord a mysterious and eerie appearance. During the tour we were also lucky enough to spot some playful dolphins splashing around by the side of the boat and a few seals.