Cairns is not the most exciting of places on a rainy day, because most of it's attractions and activities are geared towards the outdoors. So, with no other plans to fill my day off, I decided to venture out and try out a new venue for brunch. 

On my way into the town centre I stumbled upon Waffle On, a small cafe with outdoor seating under the shelter of a roof. I peaked at the menu and was immediately sold after reading the description of the first dish on the menu - Avocardio, a waffle topped with avocado, scrambled eggs and bacon. Basically a gastronomic masterpiece I simply couldn't walk away from. 

We grabbed a seat and were warmly greeted by the staff who gave us menus and left us a few minutes to make up our minds. The place is small but modern and with a funky/hipster edge.

The whole menu sounded delicious, however, the Avocardio was calling my name so I decided to stick to the dish that enticed me to sit down in the first place. 

We ordered our drinks, (Refreshers - freshly made and a great choice if like me you are a fan of watermelon, yummy!) We didn't have to wait much longer before being presented with heaven on a plate....


The food was absolutely delicious, the waffle was a great alternative to the usual slice of bread, the scrambled eggs were fluffy and creamy and the bacon was lean and crispy. It did't take long for the food to disappear from the plate. Truth be told, it was so delicious that the greedy little monster inside me wanted another waffle as soon as my mouth savoured the last bite...but I had to practice some self control and not behave like a human bottomless canyon.

There isn't much indoor seating and the location isn't the greatest - fairly central but with no pretty views of the sea or the esplanade. The advantage of this is that the menu seems to be more modestly priced compared to the competitors along the esplanade or the Marina, who charge a premium for their prime location.  

I really enjoyed my breakfast/brunch and will be sure to visit again soon...

V x