Seminyak was the first stop on my one week holiday to Bali, this was also the only stop during which I would have the company of a friend, meaning that compromises had to be made with regards to the itinerary for the two days.

My friend who had visited Seminyak before, was keen to spend less time being a tourist and more time relaxing, sunbathing and savouring the amazing food and drinks. Knowing that I would have the rest of the week to do as I pleased, I was happy to leave the exploring to later on in the week.

My first two days in Bali were subsequently spent doing what most holidaymakers love to do - topping up the tan, eating good food, sipping cocktails and shopping!

Here is a rundown of what I got up to:


Due to a change of plans I booked a pretty last minute Hotel room at the Horison Hotel. The Hotel wasn't as close to the centre of Seminyak as I had believed it to be, this however wasn't much of an issue because a taxi into the centre of town only cost the equivalent of $3 (AUD) and took less than 10 minutes. 

The Hotel was nice, but didn't blow me away. The rooms were clean and comfortable with free Wifi, but for the price paid I definitely think I could have found better accommodation with a little more research. 

Getting Around 

The most popular means of transportation in Seminyak (and Bali in general) is by scooter. If you are brave enough, this is a cheap and fast way to move around the island. Renting a scooter for a day should cost you around $3-$5 USD - for more information I found this blog post really helpful. 

As I wasn't in the mood to channel my inner Valentino Rossi, we opted to use the services of a private driver who my friend knew from the previous trip to Bali. Here I present you Goby



Goby is a lovely Balinese man, with fun and interesting stories that will keep you entertained during your journeys. I know from personal experience that it is always a bit daunting as a woman to get into a car alone with a complete stranger, especially in a foreign country where you are not familiar with the surroundings and the language. I always felt safe in the car with Goby, he is a warm and caring man, so, if you do need a driver in Bali make sure to contact him! 

The Beach

By far my favourite experience in Seminyak was watching my first Bali sunset on the beach. I had seen the many Instagram pictures of the vividly coloured Bali sky, but nothing could have prepared me for seeing it transform before my own eyes. The sky went from clear blue, to pink, purple, red and every shade inbetween. It was mesmerising and nothing short of breathtaking. The below pictures can't even do it justice! 


The standout meals I indulged in whilst in Seminyak (click on title for full reviews)

The Coffee Library

I also went to a bar called La Favela which had a quirky interior design, an amazing garden area and a good food & drinks menu. Unfortunately I was in total holiday mode and forgot to take pictures! 

In Summary

I found Seminyak a lot more westernised than I had anticipated. The shopping is very good, but do bare in mind that unless you are buying from a market stall and your bartering skills are on point, the prices are no cheaper than back home. The traffic is intense, but within a couple of hours you adapt to the chaos that surrounds you and begin to embrace the buzz. The options of places to eat and drink are endless and the crowd is a real mix of young backpackers, expats, families and couples so there is something for everyone. 

I would stay in Seminyak again in the future, knowing to expect a city full of fun options for entertainment rather than a quiet and spiritual 'Eat Pray Love' kind of Bali. 

My next two days were spent on the beautiful island of Gili Trawangan. Read all about it here.

V x