My second stop in Bali was in a little piece of paradise also known as 'Gili T'. Before arriving in Bali I had not pre-booked any transport to this little island so I was a bit concerned that a) getting there would be difficult and b) getting there would be expensive. 

Thankfully my trip was perfectly smooth so if you want to get to Gili T, here is my suggestion:


My driver took me to one of the 'Information Centres' in Seminyak which was essentially a stall on the side of the street. I saw multiple ones throughout my stay but the specific one I used was approximately 100 metres from Earth Cafe on the main high street. Here I was able to book myself on a bus + fast boat package for around $120 AUD. I would recommend paying extra for the package because it includes transport to and from the harbour, this means it will save you time, money and stress. 

Your package should include: 

- Shuttle bus transport from your accomodation to the harbour on day of departure

- Return fast boat ticket

- Shuttle bus transport from the harbour to your accommodation upon return

The company I used and which in my experience was a reliable option was Ekajaya Fast Boat

I was picked up by the shuttle bus at around 10am, this gave me time to have breakfast and buy a new book (my kindle decided to die...and I obviously forgot to bring the charger). The drive from Seminyak to Padangbai (the harbour)  was about an hour long....put your seatbelt on and prepare yourself to experience some crazy driving. 

Once at the harbour you will have to check in at the office and make your way down to the pier where you will board the fast boat. I sat outside on the roof which made the two hour journey a lot more enjoyable. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing through my hair and the views were out of this world. 

TIP: Make sure you bring sunscreen and buy a drink/snack before you get on the boat because they only sell beers onboard


For my accommodation on the Island I pre-booked a homestay called Mango Tree Homestay through It wasn't the cheapest accommodation I found, but that is not what I was looking for. I wanted a single room with aircon, an ensuite bathroom, free wifi and which had good online reviews - This place ticked all the boxes, cost me $80 AUD for a two night stay and even included a delicious breakfast!  It is owned by a blonde lady called Kitty, who was always friendly and happy to help. I felt very safe here and a very enjoyable stay. 


One of the most authentic aspects of this little island is that there are absolutely no cars or scooters! The only means of transport are horse and carriage or bike. This just adds to the charm of the place and makes you feel like you have been transported back in time! I personally rented my bike for the equivalent of $5 AUD per day from my homestay, but there are places that rent them all along the high street parallel to the beach. To hop on a horse ridden carriage, just stop one when they are free - just like you would do with a normal taxi! 


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I had an absolutely incredible time on this little Island. In my experience it wasn't just the 'Party Island' that many people make it out to be, it has great diving, beaches, food, culture and much more. I wish I had stayed here longer than two days and I sincerely hope I will be able to one day make it back to this little haven. 

V x