Home to the stylish, the bronzed and the upmarket cocktail drinkers, Potato Head is the place to be if you want to trade cheap travel for a day of trendy indulgence.

This is the official venue description: 

Our flagship beachfront property, the first Potato Head beach club is home to three restaurants, two bars, an infinity pool and a 500 sq m lawn that all look over the Indian Ocean. It’s got one of the best sunset views in Bali and is host to a program of parties, exhibitions and installations featuring both local and international DJs, musicians, artists and architects. It’s open from breakfast until late.
— Potato Head Website

If your goal is to sip on delicious alcoholic beverages, snack on mouthwatering food, listen to good music and sunbathe all whilst being surrounded by beautiful people and even more beautiful views, than you have got yourself a winner! 

A big bonus is that you can also walk straight on the beach, making it a perfect stop for a pre or post sunset drink. The pictures of the stunning sunset below where taken right outside the club:

Be prepared to part with your money because two drinks cost me $36, but worth a visit if your traveller's budget allows it...also, dress up if you are that way inclined, this is one of those places where the unspoken dress code seems to be 'dress to impress'.