One of the most fun activities I did whilst in Bali! I love cooking and (before this class) had no idea how to cook typical Balinese food. Taking a cooking class therefore seemed like the perfect idea...and it was. 

Not only we got to cook AND eat amazing dishes, but we also got to interact with the two chefs who were absolutely amazing (Toni and his assistant who's name I cannot remember SORRY!). To be perfectly honest, the chefs made the whole experience worthwhile for me.


The course itself could be improved...the website mentions that you get to enjoy your food in a private dining room but in reality we ate the food in the kitchen, there was no dining room. The kitchen could (and should) also be kept tidier and cleaner, but aside from that I had an amazing evening. 

The course was 4 hours long and started at 8pm. We were a group of 4 so were put into pairs. I was paired with a chinese guy who spoke no English..which made the experience even more entertaining as we tried to communicate and organise our cooking with gestures. Toni the Chef gave us clear instructions and both himself and the assistant were always close by to help us if necessary. We cooked around 7 dishes including: 

- Chicken Taliwang (Ayam Taliwang)

- Steamed Fish in Banana Leaves (Pepes Ikan)

- Peanut Sauce (Bambu Kacang)

- Fried Noodles (Mie Goreng)

- Sweet Coconut Balls (Kelopon)

They also email you after your class with the Recipes for the dishes :).

The course cost the equivalent of $38 AUD which in my opinion was good value for money. I would have paid that much just to spend the evening with Toni and his assistant, they were absolutely lovely, I even left my book there and the next day one of the chefs found me, cycled home and returned my book <3 perfect example of the kind hearted nature of the Balinese people.