The Gili Islands are one of the most popular diving locations in Indonesia (if not the world). The water temperature is around 28 degrees all year round and the marine life is rich and diverse, making it a great place to try diving for the first time or experience it as a certified diver. I did some googling once on the island and decided to book my dive with Diversia  Diving (voted as the number one diving company on the island on TripAdvisor). My dive  was at 1 pm in the afternoon. Upon arrival I was briefed, completed the necessary paperwork and was given the necessary equipment. Myself and the only other certified diver on the boat were guided by one of the Dive Masters who was Balinese and a complete rockstar underwater. He divided with no weights and his air consumption was insanely low. The dive was easy, very little current, water temperature was perfect and visibility was great (15-20 metres). The dive lasted 50 minutes and we saw a nice variety of fish and a couple of turtles. I was happy with the equipment and with the service. I was particularly impressed by their work ethic, I did not have enough cash on me to pay for my dive (which was $49 AUD + one off Reef Tax of $5 AUD) and they happily told me to go get cash and come back later or the next day to settle the bill. It was really nice to be given that kind of trust and it made me want to leave a larger tip at the end.....which goes to show, it always pays off to offer good service to your customers. There are loads of other Dive centres available and they are all easy to find along the hughstreet but Diversia gets a big thumbs up from me!