My first day in Ubud was spent exploring the town on foot. Ubud doesn't essentially have a 'town centre' but rather a few streets lined with shops, restaurants, cafes and the like. 

My number one priority of the day was to visit the famous Monkey Forest! I had heard the stories, I had seen the cute pictures and I was ready to meet the cheeky little monkeys myself! 

A short walk from my hostel and I was right outside the entrance. There is an entry fee of  20,000 IDR (the equivalent of around $2 AUD) and the opportunity to buy a bunch of bananas from vendors near the entrance. 

I was expecting to see monkeys......what I wasn't expecting was the high numbers and their confident and glaring personalities. These monkeys are very familiar with people, they are not afraid and they want one thing and one thing only...BANANAS! 

They are undeniably cute and I had many 'aaaawwwwwww' moments, but just to keep it real, some of them can be quite intimidating. They are not aggressive however they are as the saying goes very 'cheeky' and not afraid to jump on you, steal your bags or fight one another to get bananas. 

If the idea of that makes you uncomfortable but you would still like some interaction and a photograph or two, I would suggest that you look out for the locals who can keep a few of them at bay by bribing them with peanuts and bananas. 

I would also suggest you hold on to your belonging and opt for an across the shoulder bag over a hand held bag. 


There are many temples dotted around Ubud, they are all exquisitely designed and embellished, so you could spend hours just walking around admiring the architecture. Before are a few I came across, the first one is the Puri Saren Royal Palace, the others are temples I came across and pictured as I walked from place to another. 

Puri Saren Royal Palace

I am not too sure what was going on here, but as I walked down the street my attention was captivated by this collection of bright ducks sitting outside the entrance to a temple. I have no idea why they were there or what they were meant to represent but I found the contrast of the old majestic temple and the army of red ducks cool, quirky and definitely picture worthy!


The Ubud markets are exactly what you would expect markets to be like - busy, loud, buzzing and full of life. This is the place to visit if you are trying yo get your hands on some cheap souvenirs. Bring change, a confident demeanour and your best bartering skills to grab yourself a bargain.