As you will know if you know me or read my blog, I am a major foodie. I simply love eating food, buying food, cooking food and of course going out for meals. 

One of the concerns I had before setting off on my solo travels, was eating out in restaurants on my own. I always felt intimidated by the idea of asking for a 'table for one' and subsequently sitting in a corner all alone, twiddling my thumbs whilst patiently waiting for my food to arrive. 

Just like most things we are afraid of, the idea of something is much scarier than the reality of it. These days I wouldn't think twice about trying out a new restaurant or visiting an old favourite with me myself and I. I quickly realised that no one cares if you are sitting alone eating your food, everyone is too busy enjoying their own meal to judge you for dining solo. I also find that taking a book, magazine or simply my phone is a good enough distraction to keep me entertained until the food comes along. If all else fails, there is always the good old fashioned practice of people watching!

One of my evenings in Ubud was spent enjoying a long relaxing meaI at Kafe, a restaurant recommended to me by fellow travellers. I opted for a table in the upstairs balcony area. It was nicely decorated with candle lit tables and gave me the perfect vantage point to spy on people in the street....mwwaahahhaha. 

I was feeling hungry so I ordered a starter and a main course...

My starter of choice was the Meze Platter a combination of dips, salads and cheeses served with pitta bread. It was delicious and the portion was so big that I was full by the end of it! 

For the main I opted for the seared Tuna steak, again it was delicious and although I felt full before I had even started, it was so good that my mouth just kept taking bite after bite until it was all gone! 

This place wasn't cheap by Bali standards but the food was delicious, the service was good and the venue well designed and decorated. I would certainly love to eat here again and sample other dishes from the menu. If I one day make it back to Ubud I will be sure to visit again so you guys should give it a go. 

V x