On my day of exploring the town of Ubud...I kind of got lost. Which is ok, because getting lost in a new town always feels adventurous and exciting. As a I was walking down a small backstreet I came across this restaurant. it was lunchtime, so I decided to go in, make use of the wifi to figure out where I was and grab some food! 

This place serves raw food and is also a tonic bar. I had never been to a tonic bar before, so I had fun reading the menu and the descriptions of all the different health benefits each tonic claims to provide. I wasn't brave enough to try any of concoctions , but certainly intrigued  to want to find out more about the practice of drinking tonics. 

I ordered the special of the day, which on that day was the Moussaka and order a fruit juice to go with it. When the plate was first put in front of me, be it that I am greedy, I thought it was on the small side of life...but to be fair by the time I finished I felt sufficiently satisfied. 

The food certainly didn't lack flavour, making this restaurant a good place to try for vegans and meat eaters alike, however, if you have a big appetite then you may be left asking for seconds...or at least for the desert menu (which is never a bad thing I guess :P)