On my last day in Seminyak I had a couple of hours to kill before making my way to Gili T. I decided to use my time to have a nice and healthy breakfast to set me up for the long day ahead. 

My venue of choice - Earth Cafe & Market. I am not vegan or even vegetarian, but I am a lover of good food and if there is one thing I have noticed is that vegan restaurants use very fresh produce, which, more often than not is also organic. 

The cafe is right in the middle of the highstreet, it is set up right next to a little shop which sells vegan products and has an extensive menu with options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I tend to always favour savoury food over sweet food, however, one of the first things I spotted on the menu was an Acai Bowl. Call me crazy, but I had never had one of these very popular and very 'instagramable' bowls of goodness, so I decided to sample this trendy dish once and for all. I also ordered a breakfast smoothie and patiently awaited for the food to arrive by my window seat (whilst people watching obviously!).

When the food came along it was beautifully presented and to my delight tasted as good as it looked! As I indulged my first delicious Acai Bowl, feeling all hip and healthy I was also able to make a couple of FaceTime calls using their free WIFI (bonus!) 

I really enjoyed my breakfast and the other dishes on the menu sounded as equally delicious. I would go back here again and would recomend it to my friends so if you find yourself in Seminyak and fancy a healthy meal, definitely give this place a go. It is not the cheapest (my bill came to about $18) but the ingredients were all incredibly fresh, so as always you get what you pay for! 

Let me know if you end up visiting!