On my first night in Bali my friend was keen to introduce me to his favourite restaurant in Seminyak - a mix of good food, nice atmosphere and a very reasonable price tag. 

By the time we got to the restaurant we were pretty famished, but to our dismay there was a 30 minute wait for a table. This place is popular and as a result busy! We questioned whether to just go elsewhere, but in the end settled for a drink and a chat, waiting for a table to free up. A nice little touch is that the waiters give you free soft drinks whilst you are waiting in little Ultimo take away cups...we are certainly easily pleased!

The restaurant has three main dining areas, there are tables outside the front of the restaurant, inside the restaurant and at the back of the restaurant. The nicest place to sit is in the outdoor area at the rear of the restaurant. The trees are decorated with little fairy lights and there is a live band playing music. Unfortunately when a table eventually became free, it was inside and we were both too hungry to wait any further, so we sat down and started browsing the menu. 

Another great little touch came in the form of a complimentary breadbasket served with a garlic butter. The bread was freshly baked and the butter was delicious so we happily munched on carbs as we tried to decide our order. 

I ordered Seafood Spaghetti followed by a Creme Brûlée, both delicious! 

I had a really nice meal here and found this place to be incredible good value for money. I would eat here again and I would recommend to friends (just like my friend recommended it to me!) 

V x