What will I miss?

I am currently flying somewhere above a place called Karaganda - Call me ignorant but I have never heard of it before. All I know (thanks to the onboard Interactive screen) is that it is 4496 Km from Hong Kong. 

It is currently 2:57am in England and we still have 5 hours to go before we reach Hong Kong, I have managed to sleep a total of 3 hours and now not even my comfy neck pillow can mask the discomfort of having to bend your neck in all sorts of inhuman positions. To add to the experience, there is of course a crying baby a couple of rows away AND I am approximately 4 minutes away from peeing myself as I am too English to wake the two people next to me up, to let me out of my seat…I am not complaining, I am headed to paradise and this is a little price to pay to get there. 

To distract myself, I thought I would kill some time by making a list of all the things I think I will miss from home. I have been asked this question before and aside from the obvious such as family and friends, these are the things that I was a little sad to leave behind…if you know me it will come as no surprise that most of them are of course edible. 

  1. Good cups of tea
  2. Marks & Spencers
  3. My hair straighteners
  4. My own bed
  5. The City of London
  6. My mum’s Italian cooking
  7. Bangers and Mash 
  8. Sunday Roast
  9. Shepard's Pie (especially one I recently tried) 
  10. Toad in the hole
  11. Wagamama 
  12. Crumpets
  13. My fluffy dressing gown 
  14. My shower
  15. My perfume collection 
  16. My jewellery 
  17. Heels 
  18. Nice underwear 
  19. Access to all my clothes, bags and shoes
  20. Constant/unlimited internet
  21. Not having to climb over sleeping strangers to pee

I can’t think of much else at the moment and looking at the above list “First World Problems” is what springs to mind. Clearly none of the above are essentials, apart from cups of tea - those are good for the soul. I am interested to see which of those I will actually miss and which things that I have not even considered will have to be added. 

I am also eager to find out what new things I will discover and love instead! …Only have to get through another 20 hours of travel first. 

Veronica x