Hi my name is Veronica....or as my mother calls me Vera. 

Corporate Manager by day and Blogger by night. I have carved out this corner of the internet to let my creative juices flow....or in other words, put my evenings to better use instead of getting emotionally attached to characters from TV series, beyond what should be socially acceptable. 

Here you will find me talking about travel (near and far), food (because I like to eat. Cook too....but mainly eat) and trying to figure out life in general. 

Jackie of all trades, master of none, I am unfortunately a dabbler...still unsure if that is a bad thing or not but it is definitely a Veronica thing. 

Little fun fact - 'Vera' in Italian means 'Real'. So I may not be consistent with what I write about, but you can rest assured I will be honest and candid when I write about it. 

Have fun fact, have fun in general, that is always a good idea :) 

V x x x