Sister Story - Julia

Name: Julia

Age: 18

About: Just finished school and worked to save money for trip

Why did you decide to travel? Because I didn’t want to go straight into further studies and I wanted to see the world and experience new things. My friend was going travelling and invited me…of course I say yes! 

Where do you come from? Nuremberg, Germany

Where do you want to go next? Round trip of England

What is your number one tip for travelling?Always make the best of it

What has been your biggest challenge to overcome?  Leaving my boyfriend at home and going away from family. friends and everything I know

What do you miss about home? The Bread!…and of course family, friends and boyfriend. 

What have you learned about yourself? That I can face new things and overcome newfears

Favourite Quote? Do what makes you feel good

Favourite new thing? (i.e. food you have tried, skill, tradition, place) The gentleness of the people in New Zealand

What advise would you give to other girls wanting to travel? Do it! Just do it!