Sister Story - Margaret Liling

Name: Margaret Liling

Age: 38

About: A Taiwanese girl who loves travelling

Why did you decide to travel? A nature calling

Where do you come from? Taiwan

Where do you want to go next? There are too many to write them all down 

What is your number one tip for travelling? Just do it without thinking too much or reading too many guidebooks. 

What has been your biggest challenge to overcome? Choosing which country to visit next 

What do you miss about home? Family, Friends and Food 

What have you learnt about yourself? To do my best to embrace all the changes and accept the happenings of the moment

Favourite Quote? 1) Everything happens for a reason 2) When you want something, the whole universe conspired to help you achieve it

Favourite new thing? (i.e. food you have tried, skill, tradition, place) Food, local cultures and life, making new friends......

What advice would you give to other girls wanting to travel? Just do it, you can certainly make it!