Sister Story - Sasha

Name: Sasha

Age: 24

About: I decided that 2016 would be the year I would finally go and see all the places I have always talked about seeing. Actions are louder than words after all. I finished my masters degree, started saving, booked a flight, bought a bigger backpack and quit my job (which I am going to miss very much)

Why did you decide to travel? Because if not right now, then when?!

Where do you come from? Newcastle,UK

Where do you want to go next? SE Asia, Australia, Canada, South America, North America, India, China......everywhere!

What is your number one tip for travelling? Make Friends! 

What has been your biggest challenge to overcome? I like to plan ahead and I am an obsessive organiser! So leaving home for an indefinite amount of time, with future income uncertain was difficult for me to grasp.

What do you miss about home?  My family and friends, and my dogs of course! 

What have you learnt about yourself? That I am more independent, confident and capable than I realise. Ive also learnt that I don't have to organise EVERYTHING, sometimes its ok to 'wing-it'.

Favourite Quote? Not all those who wander are lost. Cliché I know!

Favourite new thing? Vending machines in Japan. They are everywhere, and they serve hot coffee in a can! HOT COFFEE.....IN A CAN!

What advice would you give to other girls wanting to travel? It took me taking that leap and booking flights before I realised 'bugger, I should probably start saving'. When you have an incentive to save for your trip it is more likely to happen. Over the years I have tried to save and always ended up using it for something else. Once my flights were booked and it was set it stone it gave me that kick up the bum to start putting money away each month, that I knew would one day go on a bungee jump in NZ or copious amounts of sushi in Japan :)