Sister Story - Amy

Name: Amy

Age: 23

About: I'm a waitress in the restaurant that my parents own and I live at home with them. I have a massive shopping addiction, love going on holiday and love partying!

Why did you decide to travel? I first went travelling at 18 and have been addicted ever since! 

Where do you come from? Bristol

Where do you want to go next? Canada and the USA

What is your number one tip for travelling? My number one tip for travelling is get a rucksack with wheels! its an absolute life saver and i would never go travelling without one

What has been your biggest challenge to overcome? The Tongariro Crossing. you have to climb an active volcano and it was very intense, but the sense of achievement and the views made it worthwhile.

What do you miss about home? my family and friends, my pet and my bed!

What have you learned about yourself? I have learned that i can challenge myself more and that i am fine being in my own company, also, not to judge people as i have made some amazing friends who i would not have normally come across.

Favourite Quote? Work hard, Play hard

Favourite new thing? (i.e. food you have tried, skill, tradition, place) everything Maori

What advise would you give to other girls wanting to travel? My advice would be to not be scared and just do it! I never thought i would have the guts to go traveling on my own but it has been the most amazing thing I have ever done!! Take yourself out of your comfort zone as you will not regret it, also, say hello to people!! easiest way to make friends!