Sister Story - Ellie Tamara

Name: Ellen Tamara

Age: 26

About: Before coming travelling I worked as a Paediatric Nurse and living like Bridget Jones!

Why did you decide to travel? Travelling has always been something that I've wanted to experience ever since I can remember. The perfect opportunity/time came along…so I went for it!

Where do you come from? Chippenham, England.  

Where do you want to go next? So many places!! Canada, South America, Europe to name a few!!

What is your number one tip for travelling? Have patience, some things are worth the wait!!

What has been your biggest challenge to overcome? Letting go, trying not to overthink everything or stress too much and go with the flow of life

What do you miss about home? Definitely my family and friends the most.

What have you learned about yourself? Travelling teaches you to cherish the small moments. My favourites have been sunsets on the beach and laughing with new friends.

Favourite Quote? In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take!

Favourite new thing? (i.e. food you have tried, skill, tradition, place) A new love for walking around with no purpose, I have stumbled on so many beautiful places this way.

What advise would you give to other girls wanting to travel? I read this before I came travelling: Be bold, be smart, be safe, but go!