Sister Story - Kerstin

Name: Kerstin

Age: 24

About: I studied to become a high school teacher and had a rock band with my sister and my cousin.

Why did you decide to travel? I always wanted to travel since I left high school but I didn't have the courage to do that. I wanted to find out what I really want to do in my life and experience new things, see new places and meet new people.

Where do you come from? Germany

Where do you want to go next? to New Zealand

What is your number one tip for travelling? Be open minded and try new things

What has been your biggest challenge to overcome? The fear of getting ill on the journey and being lonely and sad on my journey. 

What do you miss about home? My family and my friends, the food and nice places at home

What have you learnt about yourself? I became more open-minded, I got so much inspiration for my journey, tried out things that I have only dreamed of before. I have became more confident and learnt that dreams can actually become reality if you just dare to chase them. 

Favourite Quote? To seek the unknown is to seek life

Favourite new thing? (i.e. food you have tried, skill, tradition, place) Tim Tam cookies, Whitakers chocolate, learned how to play the Ukulele, go snorkling, surfing

What advice would you give to other girls wanting to travel? Have the courage to do it. It is amazing! You are never alone on your journey if you don't want to. I met so many nice people, seen so many beautiful places and made a lot of great experiences. You just have to do it :)