Sister Story - Kelly

Name: Kelly

Age: 24

About: I studied Economics briefly, now I mostly travel or work and save to travel

Why Did You Decide To Travel? Canada is pretty cold, so mostly I was chasing the sun and pretty beaches. But I think I also craved some adventure and wanted to get to know myself better before picking a career path.

Where Do You Come From? British Columbia, Canada

Where Do You Want To Go Next? Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

What Is Your Number One Tip For Travelling? Have a plan. It’s great to be spontaneous, and you should be, but sometimes going with the flow can fail and it’s good to have a plan to fall back on. It also helps to make sure you don’t miss out on things you really wanted to see or do.

What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge To Overcome? I know that travelling isn’t something I should take for granted so sometimes I feel like I’m not seeing enough or doing enough. I’ve learned to relax and just let things happen.

What Do You Miss About Home? My friends - I love making new friends and I have made plenty on my travels but there is something really comforting about old friendships.

What Have You Learned About Yourself? I am pretty indestructible. I’ve been through some pretty hard times while travelling (and also many of the best) but being away from home, on my own during hard times and finding a way to persevere taught me that I am strong and able. This has given me new perspective, now I have a lot less fear of what might go wrong because I know I can handle pretty much anything. It’s empowering.

Favourite Quote? Life is just a whole lot of moments strung together, in order to live an abundant life a lot of those moments need to be worth remembering.  

Favourite New Thing? (i.e. food you have tried, skill, tradition, place) Flat Whites! I’ve learned a ton of Australian slang, which I love. And somehow I managed to get cocktail training from a few legendary bartenders in Melbourne. Now I have a skill that can be used anywhere.

What Advice Would You Give to Other Girls Wanting To Travel? Don’t squander your moments. The moments that feel surreal; when it sinks in you are on a different continent for the first time, or when you are surrounded by a coastline so beautiful it leaves you speechless. Let these moments sink in and remember them. These moments are what travel is all about.